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Parts of Computer in English | List of Computer parts

Parts of Computer in English | List of Computer parts
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Welcome to the fascinating world of computers, where intricate electronic components come together to create the marvels we use daily. In this guide, we’ll explore 30  fundamental computer parts, shedding light on their functions and importance. Let’s embark on a journey through the heart of your device, unraveling the mysteries that make your computer tick! Parts of Computer in English | List of Computer parts.

What is a Computer?

A computer is an electronic device that stores information, analyzes data to carry out different activities, and produces output in a format that is useful. It is a versatile and programmable machine designed to execute a wide range of operations quickly and accurately. Computers are able to carry out a wide range of instructions, store enormous volumes of data, and perform complicated calculations.

Parts of Computer Names List:

  1. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  2. Webcam
  3. Hard Drive (HDD)
  4. Solid State Drive (SSD)
  5. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
  6. Microphone
  7. Speakers
  8. Motherboard
  9. Monitor
  10. External Drive Bays
  11. SATA Connectors
  12. Thermal Paste
  13. VRM (Voltage Regulator Module)
  14. Internal Drive Bays
  15. RAID Controller
  16. Modem
  17. M.2 Slot
  18. Random Access Memory (RAM)

Parts of Computer Names and Their Functions:

  1. CPU (Central Processing Unit):
    Main processor that performs calculations and executes instructions.
    Parts of Computer |CPU (Central Processing Unit) in English
  2. Webcam:
    Camera for video conferencing or recording.
    Parts of Computer |Webcam in English
  3. HDD (Hard Disk Drive):
    Storage device using magnetic disks for data storage.
    Parts of Computer |HDD (Hard Disk Drive in English
  4. SSD (Solid State Drive):
    Storage device using flash memory for faster data access.
    Parts of Computer | SSD (Solid State Drive) in English
  5. GPU (Graphics Processing Unit):
    Handles graphics rendering for visuals and gaming.
    Parts of Computer | GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) in English
  6. Microphone:
    Input device for capturing audio.
    Parts of Computer | Microphone in English
  7. Speakers:
    Output devices for sound playback.
    Speakers in English
  8. Motherboard:
    Main circuit board connecting all components.
    Motherboard in English
  9. Monitor:
    Display screen for visual output.
    Monitor in English
  10. External Drive Bays:
    Slots for adding external storage drives.
    External Drive Bays in English
  11. SATA Connectors:
    Ports for connecting storage drives.
    SATA Connectors in English
  12. Thermal Paste:
    Material for heat transfer between CPU and heatsink.
    Thermal Paste in English
  13. VRM (Voltage Regulator Module):
    Regulates voltage for stable power supply to components.
    VRM (Voltage Regulator Module) in English
  14. Internal Drive Bays:
    Slots for internal storage drives.
    Internal Drive Bays in English
  15. RAID Controller:
    Manages multiple drives for data redundancy or performance.
    RAID Controller in English
  16. Modem:
    Device for connecting to the internet through a telephone line.
    Modem in English
  17. M.2 Slot:
    Connector for high-speed solid-state drives.
    M.2 Slot in English
  18. RAM (Random Access Memory):
    Temporary memory for active programs and data.
    RAM (Random Access Memory) in English

Parts of Computer in English


18 Parts of a Computer:

  1. Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  2. Optical Drive (CD/DVD/Blu-ray)
  3. Sound Card
  4. Network Interface Card (NIC)
  5. Wi-Fi Card
  6. Cooling Fans
  7. Heatsink
  8. BIOS (Basic Input /Output System)
  9. CMOS Battery
  10. Expansion Slots
  11. Ports (USB, HDMI,)
  12. I/O Shield
  13. Case or Tower
  14. Keyboard
  15. Mouse
  16. Chipset
  17. USB Hub
  18. Bluetooth Adapter

Parts of Computer with Definition:

  1. PSU (Power Supply Unit):
    Provides power to all components in the computer.
    PSU (Power Supply Unit) in English
  2. Optical Drive:
    Reads and writes CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs.
    Optical Drive in English
  3. Sound Card:
    Enhances audio quality and features.
    Sound Card in English
  4. NIC (Network Interface Card):
    Enables network connectivity.
    NIC (Network Interface Card) in English
  5. Wi-Fi Card:
    Adds wireless networking capability.
    Wi-Fi Card in English
  6. Cooling Fans:
    Keeps components cool to prevent overheating.
    Cooling Fans in English
  7. Heatsink:
    Dissipates heat from the CPU or GPU.
    Heatsink in English
  8. BIOS (Basic Input /Output System):
    Firmware for hardware initialization.
    BIOS (Basic Input /Output System) in English
  9. CMOS Battery:
    Powers the motherboard’s BIOS settings.
    Parts of Computer |CMOS Battery in English
  10. Expansion Slots:
    Connect additional cards or peripherals to the motherboard.
    Parts of Computer | Expansion Slots in English
  11. Ports (USB, HDMI, etc.):
    Interfaces for connecting external devices.
    Parts of Computer |Ports (USB, HDMI, etc.) in English
  12. I/O Shield:
    Metal plate for ports on the rear of the motherboard.
    Parts of Computer |I/O Shield in English
  13. Case or Tower:
    Enclosure for housing all computer components.
    Parts of Computer | Case or Tower in English
  14. Keyboard:
    Input device for typing characters.
    Parts of Computer |Keyboard in English
  15. Mouse:
    Input device for pointing and clicking.
    Parts of Computer | Mouse in English
  16. Chipset:
    Manages communication between CPU and other components.
    Parts of Computer |Chipset in English
  17. USB Hub:
    Expands USB ports for connecting multiple devices.
    Parts of Computer | USB Hub in English
  18. Bluetooth Adapter:
    Adds Bluetooth connectivity to the computer.
    Parts of Computer | Bluetooth Adapter in English

Parts of Computer in English


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