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80+ Basic Classroom Sentences in English for Students

80+ Basic Classroom Sentences in English for Students
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These Classroom English Sentences for Students are used to speak English with teachers in Schools, Colleges, and Universities as well as for Daily Use. we do a lot of talks in the Classroom, for example, give me my book, You did a great job, Sir I need your help, Close your books and open page number 24. These kinds of daily Used 80+ Basic Classroom Sentences in English for Students are covered in this article. Let’s Explore…

80+ Basic Classroom Sentences for Students

  • Good morning sir!
  • Good morning class!
  • Put the books in your bag.
  • Let’s begin today’s lesson.
  • Close your books.
  • Who is absent today?
  • Pay attention, everybody.
  • Are you ready?
  • Did you get it?
  • What did you say?
  • Say, it again, please!
  • Come in.
  • Have another try.
  • We have plenty of time.
  • Have a guess.
  • You’ve almost got it.
  • You’ve improved a lot.
  • You did a great job.
  • Thanks for your help.
  • Have you been ill?

80+ Basic Classroom Sentences in English for Students

English Speaking Practice Sentences for Classroom

  • See you tomorrow.
  • That’s all for today.
  • Turn the page.
  • Right on the board.
  • Stand up.
  • Sit down.
  • Put your hands down.
  • Put your hands up.
  • Make a sentence.
  • Look at the board.
  • What was the matter?
  • Pack up your books.
  • Take your seats.
  • I am going to take attendance.
  • Who wants to take roll today?
  • Please say present, when I call your name.
  • Have you all done your homework?
  • Yes, sir, we have done.
  • Hand your homework in.
  • Let me check the homework.

80+ Basic Classroom Sentences |Daily use English sentences for students

Daily Use English Sentences for Students

  • Stay seated.
  • Only come forward if I call your name.
  • Get in line.
  • Come one by one.
  • Speak one at a time.
  • Wait your turn.
  • It’s your turn.
  • What have you written here?
  • It’s a little messy.
  • Try writing neatly.
  • Take out your English book.
  • Ayesha, bring your notebook.
  • Revise this chapter.
  • Read attentively.
  • Sir, I have a question.
  • Raise your hand please, don’t call out.
  • Don’t put the bag at the front.
  • Rather, put the bag on the side.
  • Sharpen your pencil.
  • Don’t throw pencil shavings onto the ground.

Helpful daily use English Sentences for student

English Sentences for Classroom

  • The tip of the pencil has broken.
  • Make its point sharpen.
  • Listen and repeat.
  • Read out loudly.
  • Recite the poem.
  • Stop scribbling.
  • Draw a straight line.
  • Sir, I didn’t understand that.
  • Count up to 100.
  • Don’t write a pen.
  • Write it down.
  • Could you please repeat that?
  • Copy it down.
  • Memorize these question-answers.
  • Write on every other line.
  • Could you please explain the last point?
  • Ahmad, answer these questions.
  • Sir may I answer?
  • Did you understand what I said?
  • Are there any questions?

80+ Basic Classroom Sentences in English for Students | Classroom language for student

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