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Hospital English Sentences | Speak English in Hospital

English Sentences in hospital | Speak English in Hospital
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Are You looking for Hospital English Sentences to Speak English in Hospital? Well Hospital English sentences is an important lesson as we often we go to hospital for checkup and we need to talk about hospital in English. Practice the spoken English Sentences given below to improve your English skills. You will be able to learn all important English Sentences that are used in hospital.

Using simple and clear English sentences is super important for talking about health stuff. When patients tell doctors or nurses about how they’re feeling using everyday English, it helps the medical team figure out what’s going on. And when doctors and nurses explain things to patients in easy English sentences, it makes it much easier for everyone to understand medical stuff like treatments and medicines. So, using simple and clear sentences in English is like a special tool that helps everyone in the hospital talk and understand each other better.

Few lines on hospital in English

  • A hospital is a place where patients are cured.
  • There are both government and private hospitals.
  • Private hospitals are highly expensive.
  • The patients who stay in hospital are inpatients.
  • Hospital also treat patients who do not stay overnight.
  • Those patients are outpatients.
  • Doctors and nurses work at hospitals.
  • It may be scary to go a hospital, but unless we visit a hospital our problem cannot be cured.

Hospital in English sentences

  • Can you please call a nurse?
  • Where is the rest room?
  • I need to speak to the doctor.
  • Can I see a list of my medications?
  • When I go to home?
  • Is there a pharmacy nearby?
  • I think I’ve pulled a muscle.
  • I’ve been feeling very tired.
  • Are you on any sort of medication?
  • Does it hurt when I press here?
  • Open your mouth, please.
  • I’d like to see a doctor.
  • I have got a swollen ankle.
  • I think, I’ve pulled a muscle.
  • The doctor is ready to see you.
  • What’s the problem?
  • Where is the gynae ward?
  • Could you roll up your sleeves?
  • You are going to need a few stiches.
  • Your temperature is normal.
  • You need to have a blood test.

Speak English in Hospital Through These Hospital sentences

Hospital Sentence in English:

  • I have a cough.
  • My stomach is rumbling.
  • You have become very weak.
  • My lips are chapped.
  • My nose is stuffed up.
  • His treatment has begun.
  • I have indigestion.
  • I have blurred vision.
  • My voice is hoarse.
  • Your temperature is normal.
  • You need to have a blood test.
  • How long have you been feeling like this?
  • How can I help you?

Hospital sentences to speak English in Hospital

Speak English in Hospital

  • Let me examine your stomach.
  • I think I’ve got a fever.
  • My head is hot.
  • Have you eaten anything strange?
  • His stomach is upset.
  • She is feeling giddy.
  • Patient’s condition is deteriorating day by day.
  • I am worried about his health.
  • Is the doctor in the office.?
  • Are you the nurse (female)?
  • When will the doctor come?
  • Could you please call a doctor?
  • I don’t feel well.
  • I am sick.
  • Where is OPD?
  • Has doctor arrived?
  • All the doctors this hospital is very kind.
  • Is there any dentist sit on Saturday?
  • I want receive my x-Ray report.

hospital sentences in English about making sentence

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