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Words Opposite List From A to Z in English

Words Opposite List From A to Z in English
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Learning Vocabulary Words and their opposite Words is a great way to improve and increase your English Vocabulary. Sometimes we take many breaks when we want to Speak regularly but we can’t Speak. because at that time we don’t have much vocabulary to speak or make conversation regularly. Don’t worry I am here with you as usual. in this article, I have brought a Words Opposite List From A to Z that is frequently used in both academic and real-life conversations in English and will help you to Speak English Very Well…

What Are These Words Opposite in English?

opposite words are called “antonyms.” Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. For example, “hot” and “cold” are antonyms because they have completely different meanings. Similarly, “big” and “small,” “happy” and “sad,” and “fast” and “slow” are all pairs of antonyms. Antonyms help us understand language better by providing contrasting meanings for different words.

Words Opposite List From A to Z:

Words Opposite List start with A

Word Opposite
Absent Present
Above Below
Accept Reject
Accurate Inaccurate
Achieve Fail
Active Inactive
Add Subtract
Afraid Courageous
Alive Dead
Always Never
Ancient Modern
Arrive Depart
Awake Asleep
Attack Defend
Attractive Repulsive
Away Here
Agree Disagree
Admit Deny
Artificial Natural
Ample Scarce

Words Opposite List start with B

Word Opposite
Back Front
Beautiful Ugly
Begin End
Big Small
Brave Cowardly
Bright Dim
Build Demolish
Busy Idle
Best Worst
Better Worse
Beneath Above
Borrow Lend
Bold Timid
Break Mend
Buy Sell
Barren Fertile
Bare Covered
Black White
Bless Curse
Bold Shy

Words Opposite List | Words Opposite list A and B

Words Opposite List start with C

Word Opposite
Capture Release
Careful Careless
Cheap Expensive
Clean Dirty
Clear Foggy
Close Distant
Cold Hot
Common Rare
Connect Disconnect
Cool Warm
Cruel Kind
Cute Ugly
Clear Cloudy
Comfort Discomfort
Combine Separate
Common Unique
Correct Incorrect
Create Destroy
Cry Laugh
Close Open

Words Opposite List start with D

Word Opposite
Dangerous Safe
Dark Light
Day Night
Deep Shallow
Defend Attack
Demand Supply
Dirty Clean
Disappear Appear
Divide Unite
Dull Sharp
Dry Wet
Dumb Smart
Dull Exciting
Difficult Easy
Different Same
Defeat Victory
Depressed Happy
Decline Rise
Deaf Hearing
Doubt Trust

Words Opposite List From A to Z | Words Opposite C&D

Words Opposite List start with E

Word Opposite
Early Late
Easy Difficult
Empty Full
End Start
Enjoy Despise
Enter Exit
Expand Contract
Explain Confuse
Explore Ignore
External Internal
Even Odd
Exclude Include
Expand Shrink
Excellent Poor
Excite Calm
Exit Entrance
Extrovert Introvert
Extend Shorten
Extra Ordinary
Elated Depressed

Words Opposite List start with F

Word Opposite
Fail Succeed
Far Near
Fast Slow
Fat Thin
Fear Courage
Few Many
Finish Start
Fix Break
Float Sink
Fold Unfold
Forget Remember
Forward Backward
Found Lost
Free Restricted
Fresh Stale
Full Empty
Future Past
Friend Enemy
Fasten Unfasten
Funny Serious

Words Opposite List From A to Z | Words Opposite E & F

Words Opposite List start with G

Word Opposite
Gain Loss
Gather Scatter
Generous Stingy
Gentle Rough
Get Give
Giant Tiny
Give Take
Glad Sad
Global Local
Good Bad
Gradual Sudden
Grant Deny
Great Terrible
Gross Net
Grow Shrink
Guilty Innocent
Guide Mislead
Gullible Skeptical
Genius Fool
Genuine Fake

Words Opposite List start with H

Word Opposite
Happy Sad
Hard Soft
Harm Heal
Hate Love
Healthy Sick
Heavy Light
Hell Heaven
Hide Show
High Low
Honor Disgrace
Hot Cold
Humble Arrogant
Huge Tiny
Hurt Heal
Husband Wife
Harmony Discord
Hope Despair
Honest Dishonest
Hero Villain
Halt Proceed

Words Opposite List From A to Z | Words Opposite G & H

Words Opposite List start with I

Word Opposite
Ignorant Knowledgeable
Ill Well
Important Insignificant
In Out
Increase Decrease
Inferior Superior
Inform Misinform
Inside Outside
Insist Refuse
Interesting Boring
Include Exclude
Innocent Guilty
Insecure Secure
Intense Mild
Intention Accident
Inhale Exhale
Inactive Active
Insane Sane
Instant Delay
Inferior Superior

Words Opposite List start with J

Word Opposite
Joy Sadness
Join Separate
Jolly Gloomy
Just Unfair
Joke Serious
Jump Fall
Junior Senior
Jovial Grumpy
Jealous Content
Jovial Grim
Judicious Foolish
Juggle Drop
Jovial Solemn
Joyful Miserable
Jolly Somber
Jinx Luck
Judgment Opinion
Jaded Fresh
Jocund Melancholy
Jeer Applaud

Words Opposite List From A to Z | Words Opposite I & J

Words Opposite List start with K

Word Opposite
Kind Cruel
Keep Release
Kill Save
Kick Hug
Kid Adult
Kindness Meanness
King Subject
Kneel Stand
Known Unknown
Knowledge Ignorance
Keen Apathetic
Kidnap Rescue
Knead Leave
Keen Dull
Kick Embrace
Keep Throw
Kinky Straight
Kind Mean
Kept Discarded
Known Anonymous

Words Opposite List start with L

Word Opposite
Late Early
Laugh Cry
Lazy Active
Large Small
Last First
Lead Follow
Least Most
Light Dark
Like Dislike
Lose Win
Lost Found
Love Hate
Loud Quiet
Low High
Long Short
Limit Unrestricted
Lend Borrow
Laughable Serious
Loyal Betray
Legal Illegal

Words Opposite K & L

Words Opposite List start with M

Word Opposite
Male Female
Many Few
Maximum Minimum
Mature Immature
Mean Nice
Merry Sad
Modern Ancient
More Less
Move Still
Much Little
Mad Sane
Magnify Reduce
Major Minor
Mistake Correct
Miss Hit
Mix Separate
Mutant Normal
Mingle Separate
Monopoly Competition
Magnificent Ugly

Words Opposite List start with N

Word Opposite
Narrow Wide
Near Far
Negative Positive
Neat Messy
New Old
Nice Mean
Night Day
Noisy Quiet
Normal Abnormal
North South
Notice Ignore
Narrow Broad
Natural Artificial
Narrow Wide
Neat Dirty
Necessary Unnecessary
Narrow Spacious
Neat Cluttered
Nasty Pleasant
Native Foreign

Words Opposite list M & N

Words Opposite List start with O

Word Opposite
Old New
Open Closed
Optimize Neglect
Ordinary Extraordinary
Order Chaos
Opaque Transparent
Out In
Over Under
Original Copied
Outside Inside
Obedient Disobedient
Odd Even
Offer Refuse
Oppose Support
Obtain Lose
Overcome Surrender
Outgoing Shy
Omit Include
Optimist Pessimist
Obey Rebel

Words Opposite List start with P

Word Opposite
Present Absent
Positive Negative
Possible Impossible
Practical Impractical
Plain Fancy
Poor Rich
Push Pull
Pretty Ugly
Primary Secondary
Public Private
Permit Forbid
Permanent Temporary
Perfect Flawed
Powerful Weak
Pure Impure
Proud Humble
Praise Criticize
Polite Rude
Patient Impatient
Playful Serious

Words Opposite List O & P

Words Opposite List start with Q

Word Opposite
Quick Slow
Quiet Loud
Qualified Unqualified
Question Answer
Quit Continue
Quality Quantity
Quit Start
Quench Ignite
Quit Persist
Quirky Normal
Quicken Decelerate
Quick Prolong
Quirk Norm
Question Certainty
Quiet Ruckus
Quiver Steady
Quell Incite
Quaint Modern
Quick Leisurely
Qualify Disqualify

Words Opposite List start with R

Word Opposite
Rich Poor
Rise Fall
Right Wrong
Rough Smooth
Rare Common
Reject Accept
Remove Add
Remember Forget
Relax Stress
Release Capture
Real Fake
Rest Work
Rational Irrational
Rear Front
Remote Nearby
Refuse Accept
Rigid Flexible
Realize Ignore
Reward Punishment
Realistic Unrealistic

Opposite in English

Words Opposite List start with S

Word Opposite
Sad Happy
Safe Dangerous
Slow Fast
Soft Hard
Small Big
Start Finish
Strong Weak
Smart Dumb
Success Failure
Simple Complex
Short Long
Sweet Sour
Smooth Rough
Shy Bold
Silent Noisy
Sincere Insincere
Sunny Cloudy
Serious Funny
Secure Insecure
Scatter Gather

Words Opposite List start with T

Word Opposite
True False
Top Bottom
Tall Short
Thick Thin
Together Apart
True Fake
Timid Bold
Tight Loose
Terrible Wonderful
Terminate Begin
Tighten Loosen
Transparent Opaque
Tiny Huge
Triumph Failure
Tame Wild
Tight Slack
Trust Distrust
Tidy Messy
Tired Energetic
True Deceptive

Opposite in English

Words Opposite List start with U

Word Opposite
Up Down
Under Over
Useful Useless
Union Division
Unique Common
Uniform Varied
Ugly Beautiful
Unite Separate
Understand Misunderstand
Unhappy Happy
Unknown Known
Upset Content
Undo Do
Unify Divide
Unravel Tangle
Unveil Conceal
Unusual Ordinary
Upright Crooked
Unfair Just
Unbroken Broken

Words Opposite List start with V

Word Opposite
Victory Defeat
Virtue Vice
Valuable Worthless
Vast Limited
Valid Invalid
Visible Invisible
Vacant Occupied
Vain Humble
Valid Invalid
Vicious Kind
Vague Clear
Virtuous Wicked
Voluntary Involuntary
Vivid Dull
Vigorous Weak
Virtue Vice
Vote Veto
Value Disregard
Vigilant Careless
Vanish Appear

Opposite in English

Words Opposite List start with W

Word Opposite
Win Lose
Warm Cold
Wet Dry
Wild Tame
Weak Strong
Wide Narrow
Wisdom Foolishness
With Without
Welcome Farewell
Wise Foolish
Work Rest
Wait Go
Willing Reluctant
Wealth Poverty
Widen Narrow
Worry Calm
Wane Grow
Wholesome Unhealthy
Wicked Virtuous
Wrong Right

Words Opposite List start with X

Word Opposite
X-axis Y-axis
Xenial Hostile
X-ray Visible
Xylophone Silent
Xenophobe Philophile
Xerox Handwrite
Xenon Oxygen
Xanadu Hell
Xerox Original
Xerarch Hydrarch
Xerox Manual
Xenial Unfriendly
Xanadu Purgatory
Xerox Analog
Xanadu Paradise
Xylophone Off-key
Xenophobe Tolerant
X-ray Audible
Xylograph Intangible
Xanadu Nightmare

Opposite in English

Words Opposite List start with Y

Word Opposite
Yes No
Young Old
Yield Demand
Yell Whisper
Yearn Dislike
Yesterday Tomorrow
Yummy Gross
Yawn Awake
Yield Resist
Yell Mute
Yawn Refresh
Yummy Unpalatable
Yes Never
Young Aged
Yield Defy
Yell Murmur
Yearn Content
Yesterday Future
Yummy Repulsive
Yawn Energized

Words Opposite List start with Z

Word Opposite
Zenith Nadir
Zero One
Zigzag Straight
Zest Apathy
Zany Dignified
Zone Chaos
Zephyr Gales
Zest Boredom
Zigzag Direct
Zany Sober
Zenith Rock bottom
Zero Everything
Zigzag Smooth
Zest Apathy
Zephyr Tornado
Zany Serious
Zone Disarray
Zenith Bottom
Zigzag Linear
Zest Blah


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