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Basic English Vocabulary with Sentences for Restaurant

60 Useful English Sentences for Restaurant | Restaurant Vocabulary
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Speaking English and knowing the names of the things that are used at a restaurant can be difficult for you. But no Problem Because I have Brought Basic English Vocabulary with Sentences related to the restaurant. In this article, we have covered useful English Sentences that you can use at the Restaurant or dining out or working at a restaurant.

What is a Restaurant?

A restaurant is a place where people pay to sit and eat meals or food as well as go for Breakfast, Dinner, and Lunch.

Sentences for Restaurant:

  • Can I take your order?
  • Can we have an extra chair?
  • Excuse me! this is cold.
  • Hi, can I help you?
  • Can I get your name?
  • Your table is ready.
  • Can I change my order?
  • Please come this way.
  • We haven’t yet selected.
  • Can we have a table by the window?
  • Do you have a high chair for the child?
  • Your food will be served in 10 minutes.
  • I didn’t order this.
  • It doesn’t taste right.
  • Do you need anything else?
  • Would you like any dessert?
  • Let’s share the bill.
  • A table for three, please!
  • Is the service charge included?
  • The food was delicious.
  • What’s special today?
  • Should we order a Chicken frying pan?
  • What would you like to take?
  • I will take the same.
  • Anything to drink?
  • Why don’t you try the pizza?
  • Do you have wine in a glass?
  • Could I get a side of fries?
  • Could I get a glass of water instead of soda?
  • Are you ready to order?
Restaurant Sentences with Vocabulary

English Sentences for Restaurant

Sentences for Restaurants in English

  • Pass me the salt.
  • Parcel leftover food.
  • Bring the bill.
  • .Can we have green salad?
  • Can I get another menu?
  • What do you like for your main dishes?
  • I will take it later then.
  • Is this pickle complementary?
  • Here are all of our drinks.
  • You did help me so much.
  • .I think it’s enough.
  • may we sit at this table?
  • What would you like for a starter?
  • Can I get a Coke, please?
  • What do you recommend?
  • What would you suggest?
  • What’s popular here?
  • Will that be all?
  • Could I have another spoon?
  • What is in this spring roll?
  • Can we have the check?
  • Could we pay, please?
  • I was really thirsty.
  • This drink is also amazing.
  • I have already finished.
  • This is on me.
  • How many are you?
  • Can I take your coat?
  • Have you booked a table?
  • What’s the lemon mousse made with?
Restaurant Sentences with Vocabulary

Sentences for Restaurants in English

Restaurant items vocabulary with their Sentences

Settle Let’s settle the bill after enjoying the meal.
Bring Could you bring the dessert menu, please?
Waiting We’ve been waiting eagerly for our entrees.
Manager Speak to the manager if you have any concerns.
Ready The kitchen is ready to serve the next course.
Vegetables The stir-fry included a medley of fresh vegetables.
Delicious Every bite was absolutely delicious and satisfying.
Choice The choice of entrees made the decision tough.
Prime rib The slow-cooked prime rib melted in my mouth.
Separate We’d like to pay with separate checks, please.
Check Request the check when you’re ready to leave.
Takeout Consider takeout if you’re in a hurry.
Café The quaint café serves delightful pastries.
Buffet Sunday buffet offers a variety of tasty dishes.
Side dishes The steak comes with two flavorful side dishes.
Waitstaff The friendly waitstaff ensures a pleasant dining experience.
Fine Dining The ambiance and service define fine dining here.
Brunch Join us for a leisurely Sunday brunch experience.
Platter The seafood platter is a feast for seafood lovers.
Seafood The restaurant is renowned for its fresh seafood dishes.


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