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Daily Used Basic English Words with Example Sentences

Daily Used Basic English Words with Example Sentences
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English Speaking Practice for beginners is highly significant to Speak English Fluently in our daily life. if you want to grow your English vocabulary and Spoken English then these 100+ Daily Used Basic English Words with Example Sentences will help you a lot. While Speaking we face a problem that we speak broken English and some of the time we speak very slowly. The Solution of this problem is English Speaking Practice. being an English instructor I going to give you 100+ Daily Used Basic English Words with Example Sentences. So let’s explore The list given Below…

The primary goal of Daily Used Basic English Words is to enhance your spoken English and vocabulary. sometimes we know a word but we can’t use it in a sentence. so this list will help you and tell you how you can use a word in a sentence.

Daily Used Basic English Words with Sentences:

  • Eat:
    I eat breakfast every morning.
  • Drink:
    She likes to drink tea in the afternoon.
  • Sleep:
    Babies need a lot of sleep.
  • Wake up:
    I wake up early for work.
  • Dream:
    Last night, I had a strange dream about flying.
  • Work:
    He has to work late tonight.
  • Study:
    They often study together at the library.
  • Play:
    Children love to play outside.
  • Read:
    I like to read before going to bed.
  • Write:
    She enjoys writing in her journal.
  • Talk:
    Let’s sit down and talk about it.
  • Listen:
    He stopped to listen to the music.
  • See:
    I can see the mountains from here.
  • Watch:
    They like to watch movies on Fridays.
  • Feel:
    She could feel the warmth of the sun.
  • Touch:
    Please don’t touch the artwork.
  • Smell:
    The flowers smell lovely.
  • Taste:
    This soup tastes delicious.
  • Move:
    We need to move the furniture.
  • Run:
    He likes to run in the park.
  • Walk:
    Let’s take a walk in the park.
  • Jump:
    The dog likes to jump over hurdles.
  • Skip:
    Children often skip down the street.
  • Dance:
    They love to dance at weddings.
  • Sing:
    She has a beautiful voice and loves to sing.
Daily Used Basic English Words with Sentences

Daily Used Basic English Words with Sentences

Normal Vocabulary Words with Example Sentences:

  • Shout: Please don’t shout in the library.
  • Whisper: She leaned in to whisper a secret.
  • Quiet: The classroom was quiet during the test.
  • Loud: The music was too loud for me.
  • Fast: He drives fast on the highway.
  • Slow: We need to take it slow on the icy road.
  • High: The airplane flew high in the sky.
  • Low: The sun sets low in the evening.
  • Big: That’s a big dog!
  • Small: She carries a small purse.
  • Short: He’s a bit short for a basketball player.
  • Tall: She’s very tall for her age.
  • Old: My grandparents live in an old house.
  • New: They just bought a new car.
  • Young: He’s very young to be a CEO.
  • Hot: Be careful, the tea is hot.
  • Cold: I prefer my drinks cold.
  • Warm: The sun feels warm on my skin.
  • Cool: The breeze is so cool.
  • Wet: I got caught in the rain and now my clothes are wet.
  • Dry: Hang the clothes out to dry.
  • Bright: The sun is so bright today.
  • Dark: It’s too dark to see anything.
  • Heavy: That box is too heavy to lift.
  • Light: The feather is very light.
Normal Vocabulary Words with Example Sentences

Normal Vocabulary Words with Example Sentences

Basic English vocabulary words for beginners:

  • Hard: The rock is too hard to break.
  • Soft: The pillow is very soft.
  • Smooth: The surface of the table is very smooth.
  • Rough: The cat’s tongue feels rough.
  • Sharp: Be careful, the knife is sharp.
  • Dull: The pencil needs sharpening, it’s too dull.
  • Good: That was a good movie.
  • Bad: The food tasted bad.
  • Right: Turn right at the intersection.
  • Wrong: You’re going in the wrong direction.
  • True: His words rang true.
  • False: The rumor turned out to be false.
  • Easy: That was an easy task.
  • Difficult: The exam was very difficult.
  • Simple: Keep it simple.
  • Complex: The problem is too complex.
  • Happy: She looked very happy.
  • Sad: He felt sad after hearing the news.
  • Angry: Don’t make her angry.
  • Laugh: They all laughed at the joke.
  • Cry: It’s okay to cry sometimes.
  • Smile: She greeted him with a warm smile.
  • Love: They shared a deep love for each other.
  • Hate: He couldn’t hide his hate for the situation.
  • Thank you: She said thank you for the help.
Basic English vocabulary words for beginners

Basic English vocabulary words for beginners

Daily Used Basic Words with Example Sentences:

  • Sorry: He apologized and said sorry for the mistake.
  • Please: Can you pass me the salt, please?
  • Excuse me: Excuse me, do you have the time?
  • Friend: She’s been my friend for years.
  • Family: Spending time with family is important.
  • Work: They have to work hard to succeed.
  • School: I go to school every weekday.
  • Home: Let’s go home.
  • Car: He drives a blue car.
  • Bus: I take the bus to work.
  • Train: She commutes by train.
  • Plane: They’re flying on a plane.
  • Bike: He rides his bike to school.
  • Walk: I prefer to walk.
  • Run: Let’s go for a run.
  • Swim: They like to swim in the ocean.
  • Jump: He can jump really high.
  • Skip: She taught me how to skip.
  • Hike: We’re going to hike in the mountains.
  • Camp: They like to camp in the summer.
  • Travel: They love to travel the world.
  • Fly: Birds can fly.
  • Drive: I learned how to drive last year.
  • Ride: She can ride a horse.
  • Read: He likes to read comic books.
Daily Used Basic Words with Example Sentences

Daily Used Basic Words with Example Sentences

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