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Vocabulary Words With Sentences | Making English Sentences

Vocabulary Words With Sentences | Making English Sentences
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Are you facing a problem using Words in Sentences? So this article going to help you to make sentences of English Vocabulary Words. Sometimes we have many words that we can not use in sentences so here are 100+ English Vocabulary words with sentences that will be really helpful to understand and make sentences. if you people want to Speak English and make your conversation long and speak well you will have to learn English vocabulary words and how to use words in sentences.

Building your vocabulary is a great way to enhance your communication skills. Whether you’re a student looking to improve your academic writing or a professional aiming to articulate ideas more precisely, building a rich vocabulary is key.

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English Vocabulary Words With Example Sentences:

I I am a student.
We We are studying.
You You can go.
They They did it.
He He is Usman.
She  She is Amina.
His His name is Ahsan.
Her Her name is Amara.
Their Their house is beautiful.
Your What is your name?
It It is my pen
Them I know them.
Is  He is a boy
Am I am a teacher.
Are  They are brothers.
Was I was a student.
Were They were students.
Has He has a beautiful house.
Have They have a beautiful house.
Had They had a beautiful house.
Will/shall I will teach you.
May It may rain today.
Might He might come.
Must You must take admission.
Can I can swim.
Could I could drive a car.
Should You should buy this house.
This This is my pen.
That That is my bag.
These These are my books.
Those Those are my books.
Be I want to be a teacher.
English Vocabulary Words With Sentences

English vocabulary words with example sentences

Daily Used English Vocabulary Words and Example Sentences:

Do Why did you do all this?
Say what did the doctor say?
Go Where should we go?
Get He got a new job.
Make We all make mistakes.
Know know his name.
take  Do not take it seriously.
See I am glad to see you.
Come why did you come late?
Think I don’t think so.
look Look at me.
want I don’t want to go.
Give Give me some information.
Use Can I use your pen?
Find Go and find Ali.
Tell Tell me what to do.
Ask I wanted to ask you a question.
Seem I seem ill.
Feel I feel much better now.
Try Try again.
leave Leave me alone.
As Do as I say?
On  On the table.
Of Cover of book.
To Monday to Friday.
In It is in the bag.
From I am from Karachi.
Go Go with him.
Or Mobile or computer.
Go Go by train.
For This is for you.
But But we will study.
What What is your name?
Why Why did you go?
Where Where do you live?


English Vocabulary Words With Sentences

Basic English Vocabulary Words with Their Sentences in English:

Which Which is your bag?
When When will you come?
How How are you?
Whose Whose mobile is this?
Whom whom do you want to meet?
Till Till Monday.
Only Only he can do it.
Always Always she studies.
Never Never lie.
Before Have we met before?
Change I have changed my mind.
Oneself It is not good to think only of oneself.
Myself I’ll go myself.
Yourself Help yourself.
Himself He killed himself.
Herself She herself helped him.
Themselves They burned themselves.
Ourselves We did it ourselves.
After After lunch, I will go.
Through I went through the bridge.
Follow I am following you.
Such I have never seen such a cute baby.
Each Memorize each word.
About  Tell me about yourself.
Any Do you have any ID?
Kind Be kind.
Build A Mosque is being built.
Way Maybe that’s the way.
Therefore She came first. Therefore she got a good seat.
Then I was at home then.
Than I’m faster than you.
Still She is still sitting here
Yet I haven’t answered yet.
Already I already know.


English Vocabulary Words With Sentences

Daily used English vocabulary with example sentences

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